Sesame Oil for Mild Nosebleed Prevention

Sesame oil is very known for its aromatic smell and great favour with cooking. The lesser known property of sesame oil, however, is its antibacterial properly. This makes it perfect for nosebleed prevention.

First, only non-heated natural sesame oil should be used. The more common roasted sesame seed oil is not suitable for this purpose. The reason for using sesame oil is that regular moisturizers do not work well with the interior of the nose. Regular moisturizers are made to work on our skin, not the interior membrane like inside the nose or the mouth.

After basic cleaning of the nose, simply dip a cotton swab into the sesame oil and then apply the oil inside the nose gently. It is not necessary to cover the cotton swab will a lot of oil. Just a little with do the job. The goal is to lightly cover the inside of the nose so that it will not dry up easily.

For some patients, they may have to apply the sesame oil several times a day. One of the situations that can lead to consistent dryness in the nose is the use of oxygen concentrators at high settings. The cold air coming from the machine is known to cause nosebleed. Even adding the water bottle to the machine will do very little to control the problem. Since sesame oil is all natural, it is pretty safe to use it several times a day.

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