Many years ago, my significant other was diagnosed with cancer. It is a rare cancer called paraganglioma. The initial 10+ hours marathon surgery was successful but it did not stop the cancer from spreading, contrary to what the doctors believed. Since then the cancer has spread to her lungs. There is no stage to describe her cancer at that point. If there were a stage 6 maybe we can call it that.

Since then her fight for her life has been a series of epic battles. Our goal, however, is not to find a cure. The task is to minimize the impact of the disease and the endless number of side-effects popping up all the time. The goal is to make sure she has better quality of life while balancing that with treatments to prolong her life so that she can be there to see her kids growing up.

During our fight against this losing battle, we’ve discovered many tricks and techniques to cope with the disease and the side-effects from the various cancer treatments. We’ve also learned a lot more than we bargain for when life threatening ordeals happening again and again.

We figure all these experience are precious and useful to other cancer patients and their caregivers. Being a caregiver to a cancer patient myself, I understand how lonely it feels and the difficulties in making people around you to understand. We’ve decided to share our experience with the world through this website.

Consider this website our gift to all the cancer patients and their caregivers.