Mint Hot Water

Mint hot water is a very useful in soothing the throat to suppress coughing. It is also very useful in reducing mild breathing problems. It is easy to make and can be prepared quickly.

Making Mint Hot Water With Mint Leaves

If you have access to fresh mint leaves, all you have to do is take a bunch and soak them in hot water for 15 minutes. Many people prepare a large pot every morning and keep the mint water in a thermo bottle for sipping all day.

Making Mint Hot Water With Mint Essential Oil

This method is much more portable and can be prepared quickly. What you need is food grade mint essential oil. They usually comes in a small dripping bottle which you can carry around easily. To make your mint water, you just need to get some hot water and put a drop or two mint essential oil into the water.

How To Use Mint Hot Water

There are way main ways to use the mint hot water.

First, when the mint hot water is just prepared while the water is still steaming, put your face close to the water. If necessary, use both hands to cup your face on top of the water and start inhaling the steam. It can help relief chest tightness quickly.

Second, drinking small quantity of mint water throughout the day can suppress dry coughing and regular coughing. This gives your throat a chance to heal if it is already inflamed because of the coughing problem.

Our Experience

We’ve done both versions of the mint hot water. We found that the mint essential oil version is stronger in comparison to the mint leaves version. It is likely because the mint essential oil is highly concentrated.

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