Humidifier for Mild Nosebleed Prevention

Humidifier is well-known in cold countries like Canada as an essential household item due to the extreme dryness in winter can easily lead to nosebleed, dry throat and breathing difficulties among children, elders and some adults who do not adapt well to the harsh weather. For cancer patients with nosebleed issues, however, humidifier is among the best solutions in dealing with the ailment.

Selecting the Right Humidifier for the Job

A humidifier, no matter how powerful, if placed in the normal expected position for general improvement of the overall humidity in the house, will not fully relieve the cancer patient from the ailment. Worst yet, having a powerful humidifier over qualified for the location and set to very high humidity setting can induce mold issues which is very dangerous for the cancer patient and other family members. Hence, a humidifier with specification that can cover a very small area is more than enough.

Notice that in countries where the overall weather is very dry and cold, the cold mist humidifiers do not produce the necessary effects needed to prevent nosebleed. These cold mist humidifiers even cause coughing irritations for some people with cancer that is affecting their lungs. It is important to choose the warm mist humidifiers.

The Importance of Positioning the Humidifier the Right Way

For cancer patients, the humidifier has to be placed strategically next to them, often near their beds and daytime activity centres. That means if the cancer patient is sleeping in the upper floor and spend most of the daytime in the main floor, it is better to get two small humidifiers to do the job. The goal here is to give the cancer patient maximum humidity where it matters.

Reasoning Behind

What happen is that cancer patients with dryness issues like nosebleeds and dry throat need a lot more humidity than normal persons. Drinking a lot of water can help but cancer patients under regular cancer treatments often cannot even eat much let alone drinking enough water. By having the humidifier next to the cancer patients where they are spending most of their time, the cancer patients will feel a lot better due to the fact that they can get better sleep at night and fewer episodes of nosebleeds and coughing fits which can drain any person physically and emotionally.

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