Fruit Peel Enzyme (Non-Chemical Based Cleaning Solution)

Fruit Peel Enzyme is a solution made from the fermentation of fruit peels with sugar water. It is simple to make and has broad cleaning and healing applications. For those people who are allergic to commercial chemical cleaning products, this homemade solution is essential.


The Formula

1. Fill up your plastic container to 1/2 to 3/5 full with 1 Part Sugar (by volume) and 10 Part Water (by volume). There is no need to be very precise with the measurement. If anything, a bit more sugar is better than not enough sugar. There is no need of expensive sugar either because the goal is to make cleaning solution only.

2. Add enough orange, lemon or any similar citrus fruit peels to get the water mark to rise to about 2/3 to 3/4 full. Using leftover peels is perfectly fine. Some people like to rinse the peels lightly but it is not necessary.

3. Close the cap of the plastic container or put on a plastic bag at the mouth of the bottle and tie that with rubber band or a piece of string. See next section to understand why it is necessary.

The Fermentation Process

1. It takes at least 3 months for the fermentation to be completed. If you can wait for 6 months it will be stronger and works better overall.

2. Like all fermentation, we have to limit the contact of air with the fermenting solution hence putting a cap on is necessary. Air bubbles develop during fermentation which will pressurize the bottle. Every few days you need to open the cap to release the air. The more empty room you leave in the bottles, the easier it will be to manage them.

3. If your bottle has a loose cap, it will be much easier to manage because the air bubbles will be forced out automatically without pressurizing the bottle too much.

4. After air release, it is a good idea to shake the bottle so that the peels are covered evenly by the developing enzyme to make the fermentation more thorough.

5. Some people will continue to add more peels to a bottle. It is perfectly ok to do that. After all, we are using leftovers. If the bottle is a big one, it may take more than a week to keep adding more peels to fill it up to the desired level.

6. Air bubbles will become less and less an issue in a few weeks.

Important Guidelines

1. The peels should be completely covered by the liquid. If not, you have to attend to them daily to shake the bottle so that those exposed peels do not easily turn bad.

2. Good enzyme color is consistent and smells very good with fruit fragrance.

3. Bad enzyme with mold developed has dark spots and smells foul.

4. If you leave a tight capped bottle unchecked, it is possible the bottle will break (explode) due to the accumulated pressure.

Ready For Use

Once a bottle has fermented enough time, you can harvest your enzyme by pouring the solution to another bottle. The remaining peels can usually be reused at least one more time to create another batch. All you have to do is to add new sugar water and follow the same fermentation process. Some people will choose to add some extra peels there, it is all up to you.

Usage Guideline

1. The enzyme is naturally anti-bacterial.

2. As a general cleaning agent for cleaning bathroom and toilet, 1 part enzyme with 10 part water will do. One nice thing with enzyme is that there is no need to rinse after the cleaning once the dirty you want to remove is taken care of. You can choose to make the solution stronger if you know you are dealing with some tough stains.

3. To mop floors, 1 part enzyme with 15 to 20 part water will do. Again, there is no need to do an extra round of rinsing with water.

4. The enzyme is naturally hated by many insects.

5. For those people whose hands are badly affected by the chemical cleaners, it is reported that directly applying the enzyme onto the hand like a lotion, or if you keep a huge container for enzyme fermentation, use your hand (wash it first, okay) to do the stirring process for a few minutes every other day, the warts and cracks on the hand will disappear in a month time.

6. The enzyme is also known to help people with skin problems. Simply apply the enzyme like a lotion on to the problem area once a day.

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