Cold-Water Soaking

Cold-water soaking is simply putting a part of your body into a container filled with ice water. Regular cold water from the tap may not be cold enough depending on your geographic location. Hence the need to put ice in the water.

Do not keep the body part in the ice water for too long. The normal recommended time limit is 15 minutes. Since the goal is to numb the burning sensation on the skin (e.g. hand-foot syndrome), once you no longer feel the pain you should stop.

After soaking, dry the body part with soft cloth or towel paper. Do not use wiping actions to dry the body part. Instead, gently pat the surface dry. It can reduce the chance of cracked skin being pulled off. Then apply your preferred moisturizer to keep the skin from developing further peeling.

From our experience, it is best to leave the hands and feet slightly wet and apply the moisturizer right after will give the best results. We also find using coconut oil as the moisturizer is better than many chemical moisturizers in maintaining the hands and feet from extensive peeling.

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