Cancer Is Way More Common Than You Think

Cancer patients I talk to often feel very bad for many things. One of them that stands out is how unlucky they are in getting the disease. I have addressed this issue with many cancer patients myself, often at the hospital while waiting to see the doctor. I find that once a person understand how common cancer is as oppose to wasting energy on negative emotions, they are released from the negative thinking for good.

The Chance of Having a Particular Cancer vs. The Chance of Having Any Kind of Cancer

Doctors often quote specific statistics to the patients about the specific cancer they have. These statistics usually are on the low side that it is very depressing for the patients. It feels like you have won the opposite of lottery – the ultimate bad luck jackpot.

Sometimes it is the patients themselves who go online to seek for the information. Getting it from the net has the same negative effect on the patients and their families. Many people simply think that they are unlucky, cursed or even punished for the religious ones.

The truth is that cancer is way more common than the doctors are leading you all to believe. The key problem with the statistics a patient usually look at is that it is applicable to a specific kind of cancer only. It fails to address the more important question – what is the chance of anyone getting some kind of cancer in their lifetime?

The Chance of Getting Some Kind of Life-Threatening Cancer Within One’s Lifetime Is Very High

Medical researchers actually spend time studying this topic all the time but the results are not sensational enough to get the attention from the mainstream media. In short, many studies suggest the lifetime risk of getting any kind of cancer is 40%. That means out of five people, there are two of them will get cancer some point in their lives.

Some other studies even suggest a much higher rate of lifetime risk for men at 70%.

The two important things to learn from these studies is that getting cancer is very common and the chance of getting cancer is rising steadily since the 1990s.

There Is No Point Dwelling In The Past

Once you get a confirmed diagnosis of cancer, there is really no point to keep thinking why it happened because it is just another very common disease. It is much more productive to save your energy to focus on fighting the disease and planning life style changes to accommodate the difficulties expected. Now that you have a proper perspective towards cancer, it will help you face it more objectively.

If your family or loved ones are having difficulties in accepting your illness because they are stuck in the outdated beliefs, tell them to read this article. If they do not believe me, they can ask the doctors themselves, with the correct question they will get the real answer this time.


What is the lifetime risk of developing cancer?: the effect of adjusting for multiple primaries

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