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Mint Hot Water

Mint hot water is a very useful in soothing the throat to suppress coughing. It is also very useful in reducing mild breathing problems. It is easy to make and can be prepared quickly. Making Mint Hot Water With Mint Leaves If you have access to fresh

Grieving of My Loss

My significant other passed away peacefully two weeks ago.  I am still grieving hence the lack of progress. This project is her final wish. It has been the most exciting thing she tried to participate in during her final months. Organizing her notes, writing down her thoughts

Humidifier for Mild Nosebleed Prevention

Humidifier is well-known in cold countries like Canada as an essential household item due to the extreme dryness in winter can easily lead to nosebleed, dry throat and breathing difficulties among children, elders and some adults who do not adapt well to the harsh weather. For cancer

Sesame Oil for Mild Nosebleed Prevention

Sesame oil is very known for its aromatic smell and great favour with cooking. The lesser known property of sesame oil, however, is its antibacterial properly. This makes it perfect for nosebleed prevention. First, only non-heated natural sesame oil should be used. The more common roasted sesame

Cancer Is Way More Common Than You Think

Cancer patients I talk to often feel very bad for many things. One of them that stands out is how unlucky they are in getting the disease. I have addressed this issue with many cancer patients myself, often at the hospital while waiting to see the doctor.

Site Is Ready

We’ve come up with the idea a year ago (last Canadian Thanksgiving) to create this website. Almost a year later, I finally started building this site. Today, Canadian Thanksgiving, the site is ready. There are a lot more to do to make this site useful to all

Cold-Water Soaking

Cold-water soaking is simply putting a part of your body into a container filled with ice water. Regular cold water from the tap may not be cold enough depending on your geographic location. Hence the need to put ice in the water. Do not keep the body